How Much Does A Driving Lesson Cost?

By Jason
How Much Does A Driving Lesson Cost?

How Much Does A Driving Lesson Cost?


  Driving lessons range from $40.00 to $95.00 per hour.

  The key is finding someone who is personable, friendly, patient, knows what they are doing, all at an

affordable price.


  Driving Instructors have all successfully achieved the benchmark required under the Driving

  Instructors Act 1992.


  They have all successfully passed a medical exam, a licence check, completed a Certificate IV in

  Transport and Logistics and an RMS assessment. They have also had a working with children check

  and been cleared of any major traffic/criminal charges.


This does not mean that all Driving Instructors are all created equal.


Communication is the key!


  Being able to pass these assessments does not necessarily mean you are a good instructor, or able

  to teach a student how to drive. Some instructors also drip feed information to students to have

  them coming back to them. A good instructor can engage their students, communicate clearly and have different

  styles of learning.


  If you have found a Driving Instructor who ticks all these boxes, congrat’s to you!!!! 

  Other students persist with second rate Instructors. The only reason this happens is they are unsure

  who else is out there.

  If you feel you are not progressing in your driving like you should be with an instructor, it is time to

 move on!

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