Driving Lessons

Each learner driver has different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to driving. We aim to ascertain quickly where each learner is in need of developing and address it. At Jay Dee Driving School we instill safe methods into your driving habits.

Jay Dee Driving uses a 2023 made vehicle for a smooth, safe ride. You will get dual brake, superior directional instruction and step by step curriculum for every lesson. Our instructors provide a lot of patience to ensure a pleasant, safe journey for the duration of your lesson.

At Jay Dee Driving School we ensure each and every learner driver has the ability and skills to not only pass the practical driving test, but to more importantly survive on the road. With every lesson, each learner driver will progress through this curriculum with parents/supervising drivers informed of progress every step of the way.

If you prefer to do lessons in your own car, we can certainly accommodate. Please note: we only instruct in an automatic vehicle.

Lessons at Jay Dee Driving are one hour in length. Pick up and drop off at home or within the designated coverage area. We are able to quickly ascertain your skills and work on a path for instruction.


Unlike other driving schools,  Jay Dee Driving has no end date on packages.

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