How many driving lessons do I need to do?

By Jason
How Much Does A Driving Lesson Cost?



Everyone is different!


Some students only require a few lessons, some students require more.


Like anything in life, we are all good at some skills and not so good at others. When it comes to

driving, the same applies. Some students grasp the concept of driving and hazard perception quite

quickly where others take some time to hone their skills.


The key is finding a Driving Instructor who is able to quickly ascertain problem areas and develop

them. You also want someone who is patient.


In the early stages of driving, some students think it will take a lifetime to get 120 hours.

You may find you have limited hours within the first couple of months. This is common!

Mums/Dads/Supervising drivers are still wrapping their heads around you driving, especially if you

are the first in the family to do so. 


Fear not! Towards the back end of the 120 hours students are generally driving

everywhere and racking hours up left, right and centre.


At the end of the 120 hours, you should be able to drive anywhere, with your supervising driver just

giving you directions only, no other assistance.


Remember, every 1 hour driving with a driving instructor counts as 3 hours in your log book.

This applies to the first 10 lessons.


Good luck in your driving ventures!



Jay Dee Driving

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